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Wouldn’t you like to automate data extraction from the following documents?

  • orders icon Orders
  • contracts icon Contracts
  • payroll icon Payrolls
  • bank statements icon Bank statements
  • drivers license icon Drivers licenses
  • Production notices icon Production notices
  • Onboarding papers icon Onboarding papers
  • passports icon Passports
  • taxes icon Taxes
  • taxes icon ID documents

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An automated data extraction software that’s easy for everyone to use!

Why Reexdoc:

We aren’t just one more AI OCR solution in the market. We provide you with the solution to:

Automate without sacrificing accuracy

Manage information in an agile manner

Simplify all manual processes

Achieve data extraction reliability

Obtain outputs in different formats (Excel, CSV, JSON, xml, etc.)

Reexdoc is ready for corporates and companies of all sizes


What type of documents does Reexdoc process?

Reexdoc can extract data from semi-structured documents such as invoices, delivery notes, orders, production notices, contracts, onboarding papers, payrolls, etc

For the time being, reexdoc is only compatible with latin character documents, and if the document contains tables, they must be part of a grid and the columns must have a uniform meaning.

Can I process other types of documents with Reexdoc?

Yes, of course! We can train a personalized AI model to capture data in other document models. Currently, Reexdoc is able to process structured and semi-structured documents, but we can always evaluate what you need in terms of unstructured document processing.

What type of documents and fields is Reexdoc able to read and extract?

Reexdoc recognized and extract documents such as: scanned invoices, PDF invoices, orders, notices, medical notes, delivery notes, payrolls, CVs, banking statements, etc.

The standard fields that are extracted are:

  • In invoices: invoice number, invoice date, due data, issuer ID, recipient ID, total VAT, Personal Income Tax withholdings, tax base, total and detailed invoice lines.
  • In orders: order number, date of order, due date, observations, issuer ID, invoice number, total, detailed line and delivery note number.
  • In payrolls: company, employee full name, ID, social security number, employee social insurance number, seniority, professional category, name of role, time period, total compensation, total salary, Personal Income Tax withholding percentage, total PITW retention, social security base and liquid salary pertaining.

What languages does Reexdoc recognize?

Reexdoc currently reads English and Spanish. However, thanks to its automatic learning, reexdoc is able to extract data from documents in other languages initially, other language data extraction in documents might be less accurate, but the platform improved on its own accordingly once it has more experience in other language data extraction in a determined language.

How much does Reexdoc cost?

Reexdoc is a personalized solution for your business and additionally integrates with other products, for instance, RPA automations.

We offer solutions that allow data processing from a few pages per months, up to an unlimited number of documents.

Contact us and we’ll prepare an estimate made specifically for your needs.

How do I start to use Reexdoc?

You may start your transformation journey in a few minutes registering for a free trial, that will allow you to discover first hand Reexdoc’s benefits.

If you require our guidance to try out Reexdoc, you can ask us for a demo (enlace a la páginad e contacto) Reexdoc has 4 types of partnership plans.

Can I adapt the hiring conditions to my specific needs?

That’s precisely the tool’s purpose. We can process as many documents or as few pages as you may need.

You may use our tool with 100% autonomy or make use of the API’s integration capacities and management system, automatizing by way of RPA technology and learning and process improvement based on our AI models.

What is cognitive data capturing?

Cognitive data capturing uses Artificial Intelligence to imitate the way a human reads structured documents.

This approach has two main key characteristics: AI learns to recognize information by being exposed to examples instead of manual configuration done by expect profiles and it can recognize as much information in documents even in designs it has never seen before.

Much different from manual data entry or traditional OCR, cognitive data capturing does not require a technical profile, and what's more, it saves time and costs that would be needed to establish infinite rules and templates.

AI cognitive data capturing with Reexdoc uses deep neural networks to recognize patterns in documents, just how a human would function. This allows the platform to understand the general business structure such as what can be found in invoices. Reexdoc’s unique neuronal architecture allows for wide range design comprehension as well as precise data extraction guarantees.

How does Reexdoc manage different field formats within different countries and languages, such as dates or decimal places?

The data capturing motor manages any format and normalises them in accordance to the preferred standardised representation and visualization. To deal with vague cases, we have a special adjustment that allows us to personalize the platform to manage individual documents according to the origin region. Date formats are very flexible, and we can personalize the user interface to show the exported data in the desired format.

Does Reexdoc comply with GDPR norms and regulations?

We are committed to complying with GDPR implementation and guarantees. We process documents provided by clients with the main purpose of extracting information, based on our clients’ instructions and with the secondary purpose of investigation and developing data extraction technology. Based on the data nature and GDPR’s balance, we have grounded motives to create procedures that fully comply with GDPR, particularly when it comes to third-party invoices or sensible personal data contained in documents. You may find more information in our terms and conditions.

Where are the servers located?

Reexdoc is executed in AWS in the Irish region. Corporate clients may have reexdoc tool deployed in AWS cloud data storage in a different country.

How does Reexdoc maintain the integrity of secure code?

We comply with OWASP Secure Codification practices and development guidelines. If any code changes, we thoroughly revise the design, code and security measures. Every commitment is reviewed and inspected by at least one software engineer. We carry out thorough and exhaustive automated tests, including unitary testings and integration tests, as well as manual ones to ensure quality and safety standards in the code. We also use third-party tools to check source code and vulnerabilities analysis. Our platform is regularly tried out by independent third-parties.

How does Reexdoc encrypt data?

We always use encryption when we transfer data in and out of the cluster. We use AES 256 keys managed by AWS for data repository reasons and TLS v1.2 for all the data in transit using HTTPS (including HSTS).

Any external communication is strictly encrypted when in motion, typically by way of HTTPS for regular production operations. For maintenance and service purposes, we use SSH encryption to encrypt external communications. Communication with databases is always encrypted. We use audit registers for all our operations within the application.

How can Reexdoc be used with RPA?

YTo simplify Reexdoc’s integration with your business’ automatized processes, we offer a pioneer solution connector by RPA UiPath

If needed, we can handle this integration ourselves.

How can I integrate Reexdoc with my ERP or document management system?.

We can design a Reexdoc adaptation personalized for your company. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discover the different options.