Begin your business’ efficient transformation by processing and extracting data in an automatized manner from any kind of document

Our tool has no secrets, it is technology, innovation and market needs put to work. Find out more about our solution:

What is Reexdoc?

It is a AI-Powered Document Data Extraction with automatized functions without pre-established rules nor templates.

What is the platform like?

The platform is presented in cloud format (software as a service) and is accessible by way of a web browser thats compatible (Chrome, Firefox and Edge).

How does it work?

It automatically recognizes and extracts data from various types of semi-structured documents that have been scanned or in a PDF format such as: invoices, delivery notes, orders, production notices, contracts, onboarding papers, payrolls, passports, taxes, bank statements, drivers licenses, among others…

Thanks to its computer vision,

It recognizes even, those data that are included letter by letter, signatures over text, rotated documents, lopsided data and even different typographies.

Discover Reexdoc at a glance


By means of several artificial intelligence pre-trained models for each type of document. In the same way a human would do it, without rules nor templates.


With a simple and intuitive web interface, capable of integrating with any API.


With an enhanced and powerful image pre-processing, easy new document additions and data extraction from tables.


With over a 90% reliable rate, high accuracy and security, as documents are eliminated after processing.


With different output formats (XML, JSON, CSV…) and tagging functionalities to train and backfeed the model.


Through a cloud platform with a modular architecture based on microservices (serverless) that offers high availability, rendering and scalability so as to adapt to any data volume.

General characteristics

Based on AI and ML techniques and with a supervised model. It allows for document processing even if it hasn’t seen that document before. It avoids having to go through a previous setup phase.
It counts on an automatic training process that doesn’t require technical profiles. Based on the information business users offer us from the documents, the tool learns on its own and automatically.
It can be integrated with third-party apps as it counts on its own API.
A model based on annual license subscription and cost per page consumption.
It can adapt document fields and tables to be extracted..
Cloud SaaS within EU.
Tool use and operation by way of an internet browser (preferably Chrome) which is intuitive, simple and requires no technical knowledge for its configuraration and use.
Thanks to AI pre-trained models per type of document, there is no need for pre-established rules nor templates.
It can adapt document fields and tables to be extracted.
Multiuser based.
The tool accepts many file types such as PDF, PDF/A, images such as JPG, PNG and GIF. It can scan PDF docs.